Politics and Public Policy

Politics and public policy are, or should be, fascinating topics because we all live with their consequences. My approach is more an analytic uncovering rather than a focus on who's ahead in the race. As for personal politics, mine are complex and not easily set into one ideological tent or another. Reporting and analysis should sit on observation, documents, and, always, following the money.

Trump Guts Covid-19 Relief Talks As A Reelection Strategy

This headline sounds like classic clickbait, except it’s nothing more than a cold-blooded measure of what politics has become in this country. After coming down with Covid-19, getting whisked off for care that is unattainable by 99% of the population, being brought back to the White House where, visually weak and fighting for breath, he pulled the mask from his face to become a knowing disease vector among everyone living with and working for him, Donald Trump threw down an iron gauntlet before