Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Product Review: D'Artagnan Hot Dogs

It seems almost unfair to call these products from D'Artagnan by the name "hot dogs." But, hey, that's the title they use, and who am I to disagree? Unlike the usual variety, meaning maybe all beef or some mix of beef and pork and the question of kosher or not, D'Artagnan has a number of uncured choices: beef, pork, buffalo, or duck. That's right, buffalo and duck.

I've never come across a selection broken out quite this way, but the results are good. The "franks" are uncured, so there are no nitrates or nitrites - and also no fillers, additives, hormones, or antibiotics. They taste far milder than kosher dogs, which have always been my gold standard, but don't let that deter you. Everyone liked them here and were happy that they weren't too spicy. (That might be a plus if you find yourself with a case of heartburn after a session at the outdoor grill.)

The hot dogs are a lot bigger than the usual variety - 3 ounces - and the retail price runs from about $6 to $7 a package, so you might want to keep them for the adults. Also consider how else you might use them; if they can move beyond the concept of a hot dog, you can move beyond the usual concept of serving. Just the other day we split a couple of the duck dogs down the center and heated them (they all come fully cooked) in a cast iron pan, serving them with scrambled eggs and crusty rolls as breakfast.

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