Saturday, January 05, 2008


Site Review:

There's a thin line between being single-minded and obsessive, and I think Rickmond Wong, publisher of Rameniac, has long slipped, or slurped, past that border. His site is all about ramen noodles, as explains this article in the LA Times. (Thanks to the reader who forwarded that link.)

There are reviews of ramen shops in the US, in Japan, and even reviews of the packaged stuff. Apparently Wong is planning to spend his next vacation bicycling across Japan, eating ramen. You may not be that into the dish - whether you call it ramen or pho, as the Vietnamese do - noodle soup is fabulous (and there's a very pleasant restaurant called Pho in Amherst, Mass serving it). Looking at the words of an aficionado is a good way to pick up tips on making something yourself.

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