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Monday, April 21, 2008

Create Your Own Candidate

If political handlers are said to create candidates that have little relationship to reality, then you could become one of the greats: literally helping to make a candidate from nothing. The Wiki Candidate 08 site is a collaborative one, meant to look like a real campaign Web presence, but the audience puts it together:
Wikicandidate is running for president in 2008, ready to lead the United States to a bright future in the 21st Century. Only, you've never seen WikiCandidate in a debate, read about Wikicandidate in the news, or gotten a promotional flyer in the mail, because WikiCandidate is not a real candidate, but an ideal one -- the product of your imagination, in conversation with everyone else.

What if you didn't have to choose from the available candidates, who may or may not share all of your political beliefs, may or may not have done things in their lives that fit your image of the perfect candidate, may or may not be electable for a variety of reasons? In observing the actual presidential race many people become dissatisfied with the way candidates talk, act, or react to current events, an otherwise ideal candidate tarnished. What if you could create your perfect candidate from scratch -- their biography, their stance on the issues, even what the say and do on the campaign trail? By simply creating WikiCandidate's campaign site, you get to bring the perfect candidate into existence.
People have the candidate react to current events and people "haggle" (great underused word, I think, so the site gets automatic points) over issues and positions.

One potential problem I see off-hand is that the candidate was supposedly born in Madrid, Spain of one American parent, and it's unclear whether a person even born of two US citizens would be considered a "natural-born citizen," as required in the US Constitution.

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