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Monday, January 5, 2009

Writing News Roundup (1/5/2009)

A look at publishing, writing, and freelancing:
  • Wedding Copyright Cops -- An artists' and musicians' rights group in Spain has been crashing weddings in an attempt to document unlicensed use of music. But the group got fined for violating the privacy of the bride and groom. (Ars Technica)
  • E-books Slowing Gaining Ground -- Widespread use of e-books probably won't occur until the devices are much cheaper and the experience better. (BusinessWeek)
  • New York Times Sued for Copyright Infringement -- GateHouse Media is suing the New York Times because the Boston Globe's community web sites are allegedly using material from GateHouse without permission. (AP)
  • Holocaust Memoir Cancelled -- Because of strong public skepticism over the book's authenticity, Berkeley Books is cancelling the publishing of a Holocaust memoir and demanding its money back. (Publishers Weekly)
  • Online News Rockets Ahead -- According to a recent Pew pole, online news reading has pulled ahead of newspapers for the first time. (Ars Technica)
  • BBC Review Fakes Car Battery Failure -- A review of a Tesla electric car on the BBC's Top Gear program took a big hit when it turned out that the reviewer had allegedly misled viewers into thinking that the car ran out of power when it hadn't. (The Guardian)
  • E-books Hit Cellphones -- The cellphone-delivered novel is nothing new in Japan. Now people are starting to use cellphones as readers in other parts of the world. (BusinessWeek)
  • New York Times Trying to Raise Money -- To stave off the problem in meeting more debt payments than its cash flow will allow, the New York Times is selling its headquarters, the Boston Globe, and its stake in the Boston Red Sox (oh, will Yankee fans ever forgive them for owing the share in the first place). (Silicon Valley Insider)
  • Amazon Author Stores -- Amazon is launching new Author Stores with some name writers, and might expand the program to all authors whose books it sells. (Publishers Weekly)

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